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Jóhanna Birna Bjartmarsdóttir


Hello! My name is Jóhanna Birna Bjartmarsdóttir, and I'm an Icelandic student at the University of Florida and the founder of HARTS. I'm also an advocate for students with dyslexia, ADHD, and autism, and you can find my conference presentations and interviews under Conference & Media 


As you can see below, I love to travel around my beautiful country, Iceland, and the world. Reading, hiking, running, dancing, cooking, traveling, and photography are among my many hobbies and all of the pictures featured on this site are taken from my adventures around the world.


Highly motivated self-starter and adaptable team-player with a track record of achievement recognized through a 3.98 GPA, founding a company at 21, and physical and mental recovery from serious childhood illness. Passionate educator with an aim to increase educational access for underrepresented populations, and incorporating health education into K-12 education.


My personal philosophy of health education is written from the perspective of an individual who has experienced infectious diseases and debilitating physical, mental, cognitive, and learning disabilities, and who now lives a full and — based on this philosophy — healthy life.

Be Bold

Be Strong

Be Fierce

Be Brave

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