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Build Your Space

This is a detailed rationale, outline, and budget for a theoretical tech space. The tech space I chose was a conference room, and the rationale includes financial and practice aspects of constructing a tech space in a conference room.

Conference Room Budget: $15,000.00

Purpose: The environment that I’m planning on building is a conference room/space that should facilitate a big crowd. The space is supposed to facilitate an informative conference. Because of all of the messages that I have gotten from people that are in a similar situation as I was in and how many people seem to be interested in what I have to say (around 55,000 people have seen a TikTok about me and thousands of other people have liked and shared articles about me and my website), I’m thinking about holding a lecture in May for people to come and see a comprehensive lecture about what I did and the resources that I used and that others can use to pursue their dreams. 


Project Narrative: I envision a big space that can hold 200-1600 people. It is intended to improve the visibility and clarity of the presentation, and increase how many people can attend, thus, improving the potential number of audience. The room would ensure that everyone would be able to see and hear the lecture clearly, and there would be an interactive session where the audience could ask questions through the internet that I could answer after the lecture. It can be scaled put by adding camera equipment so that people that are not able to come could still watch the lecture. 


Hardware Required: 
•    Projector, Projector screen, Projector Mount
•    Microphone, podium, press box, sound system (press conference sound system)
•    Computer 


Detailed Budget: $10.922,68 

Eldborg: this venue would include everything I would need for a conference. Microphone, sound system, podium, projector, screen, computer, lighting, setup, and more. I could rent this (this link includes a list of all of the things that come with the venue like I stated above) venue and pay for everything in one go instead of renting or buying all of the stuff by myself. I would include this as the total cost in that it would provide everything I would need in one package. Desks, chairs, tables, seating, and all other necessary equipment to hold a good conference would be included in the cost. 



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