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Educational Game

The Educational Game assignment focuses on conceptualizing an educational game that would be informative and engaging for students to play.

1.   Is the game physical or digital?

    The game is a digital game that can be played on a PC, console, and iPad, or a phone.

2.    What is your game's core mechanic?
    The goal of the game is to save the planet by finding clever ways to combat climate change. The game will have a  timer on it and the individual must make the right choices to survive. Then the game would have levels, which would get increasingly harder to win/save the planet. This would provide students with a visual of what will happen if we do nothing to combat climate change because the game would have a real life aspect to it. So whenever the player makes a decision that will negatively impact the planet, he will have to pay for the consequences for that immediately and in real time, different from the real world where we won’t truly feel the impact of our choices until later. The player interacts with the game by making choices in a 3D environment. 

3.    What content do you intend to teach through your game?
    Problem solving and critical thinking, and also the real global problem of how to find ways to combat climate change. 

4.    Who are your anticipated players?
    The game would be used by any gender, and the most common age group would be from 10-15. The game would be introduced and used in class sometimes, but the goal would be that the students would play the game also on their own time. 

5.    Make a physical sketch of your game.

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