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Idea Behind Storytelling Project

I have had a unique college experience and want to shed light on the fact that there is more than one way of going to college. I was inspired to share this story to motivate anybody in a similar situation and tell them that nothing can stop them. So, the purpose of sharing this story is to motivate people and shed light on my project of creating a health literacy curriculum. My target audience is anybody that wants to get educated but feels like there is no place for them in academia because of their age or learning disability; disabled people that feel like there is no hope; and individuals that have no idea that people are facing many difficulties regarding getting into higher academia.

Even though editing this style of video and sharing my personal story was very difficult, I felt it was important to go out of my comfort zone and try to paint the last years of my life accurately and do my life struggles justice in a 1.5-minute video. No one in Iceland thought I could get into a university, and it's very cathartic to watch this video and know that I proved them wrong and am thriving despite everything. I also love this video style and put a lot of work into this video. Furthermore, I want other students in Iceland to know that you can get into a university in the US without having a Stúdentspróf.

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