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Mobile Language Apps

Based on the article "A critical review of mobile learning integration in formal educational contexts," I would integrate mobile devices into classroom learning when teaching students about languages. For example, I would use a learning language app (either Duolingo or Mesmerize) and have students pick a language that they want to learn aside from their native language unless that language was not taught in the school. This will enhance students' autonomy over their education, which is proven to improve students' willingness to engage in the activity as well as their academic performance.


When the students have picked a language, they will have assigned practices to do each week in the app. In the classroom, students would have 10-20 minutes to complete a dedicated section in the app, and then there would be required to know how to say a given phrase in the class in their chosen language, which would then be followed by a class discussion. Then there would be a final presentation at the end of the semester about some aspect of the culture associated with the student's chosen language that each student would give in the language that they picked. This method would combine both traditional educational methods with the resources that language apps provide us today.

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