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Creative Process Behind Photoshop Image Project

The image I created correlates to the study area of my interest, which is creating a health literacy curriculum that enables students to make informed decisions, lead healthy lives and overcome adversities. My final project at UF will be a systematic review of health literacy curriculum in K-12 education, so this topic is very dear to me. Because of the nature of this topic, I wanted to create an inviting, clear, concise, and warm feel with my colors, images, and arrangement. 

I decided to use a warm blue color because of its association with calmness and warmth. For my text, I decided to have the largest font on the most important text and then decrease my font size when I increased the level of detail. For the design, I decided to keep the four groups and images in the middle of the photo within close proximity of each other to increase the “white” space around them to highlight their importance.

I chose images that I felt most related to the message that I was trying to convey, which is that students should be learning these vital life skills at an early age for the student to be able to benefit from the education as much as possible. I also decided to add shadows to the four images to create depth and make them stand out more. The images are also all taken in a school environment and convey activities that give the overall photo an engaging feel.

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