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Covidence: Digital Presentation

Since my final project at UF will be a systematic review of health literacy curricula in K-12 education, I have had to learn how to use sy useful applications such as Covidence. I made this digital post because I wish that I would have had an easy template to navigate Covidence when I first used it. Covidence is a very simple and effective software platform for researchers conducting systematic reviews, so I wanted my digital poster of the software to reflect Covidence's aesthetic, organization, and usefulness by utilizing the design principles I've learned so far in this class.


For color, I use a simple blue gradient that allows the reader's eye to follow the order of information. Moreover, I chose a light blue background to match the Covidence logo color pallet and make the dark blue logo stand out. Furthermore, as the font size increases, the darker blue they are colored, which makes them stand out even more and highlights the text's importance. Then I decided to number each section to allow the reader to easily navigate each step and understand with a short glance the organization of the poster and the main points covered in each section with a title beside the numbers.


Audio for Digital Poster

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