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About EME3044

My impression of the education technology field is that it is a fast-paced field exploring ways in which technology can be utilized in educational spaces to make learning more equitable and accessible to all learners. Moreover, education technology facilitates an environment that
aids in students' understanding of the material and improves their performance (Januszewski &
Molenda, 2013, p. 1). 
My goal is to work in education technology as this approach to education aligns with my work and values. Specifically, I plan on becoming an instructional designer, which is a field within the broad field of education technology, and a curriculum developer to design educational spaces that are equitable and accessible to all while providing students with tools to overcome adversities and lead healthy lives. 

I learned about the difference between education technology and assistive technology, which I plan on using in my work when creating accessible learning environments for all students. I also want to educate other educators in Iceland about the difference between education tech and assistive tech so that they can better support their students. I believe that if more educators were aware of the assistive technology out there and used it to help support students with disabilities or difficulties, it would improve those students' learning experiences tremendously. 
I plan to use learning analytics in my future profession, especially in helping teachers in Iceland incorporate LA into their teaching. My goal is to help them make more informed decisions that help them better support their students. Moreover, I plan on applying the skills that I gained in this course when critically evaluating websites and using that knowledge to inform an evaluation model of canvas courses. 
I also plan on using the information I learned about the ADDIE model and incorporating more knowledge about it into the higher education system in Iceland, as there is little to no knowledge about the ADDIE model in Iceland. This can be explained by the fact that there are currently no educated instructional designers in Iceland, which will change once I graduate from UF. 

I am sure that more items will come on this list as we go further into the course material. 

Januszewski, A., & Molenda, M. (Eds.). (2013). Educational technology: A definition with commentary. Routledge.

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