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About EME3319

Educational multimedia means to me more equity in education. Incorporating multiple avenues for learning and educational content in different forms to support the learning of a diverse group of students gives me hope that students with learning disabilities, such as myself, will have more opportunities to grow and learn in future educational environments. As equity and equality in education are very important to me, I hope to advocate for the incorporation of more educational multimedia in Icelandic education to help support this vision. 

I learned many valuable skills in this course, such as how to use design principles, create digital and vector images, incorporate multimedia into presentations, design an animation project, edit and create an educational video, and record a screencast educational tutorial. Moreover, I learned about multiple software and educational tools that will help me in my future education and to use those skills in professional environments. Furthermore, I learned about relevant literature and research in the field of educational multimedia, which opened my eyes to how useful educational multimedia is for the retention of information. However, I also learned that using too many "bells and whistles" can create information overload for students and how best to incorporate media into education without causing information overload. 

I plan to use the skills I learned to increase the quality of instructional material I create for my courses and educational content. Moreover, I plan to continue using the resources provided to help inform my work and to encourage other educators in Iceland to incorporate more multimedia into their classrooms. Furthermore, the skills in this course apply not only to education but also to multiple avenues in life, such as business, where I plan on incorporating my new presentation skills to elevate my business presentations. 

This course provided me with opportunities to do creative work about a topic of my choice with multimedia, which helped me relate educational multimedia directly to my future work and showed me how truly useful multimedia is in educational environments. I would recommend this course to anyone pursuing a career in education and those to plan on using content and creating in their line of work. 

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